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3 Monkeys Bar

Old skool Reggae Bar

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The 3 Monkeys Bar is one of the coolest and best kept secrets in Koh Phangan. It is a small bar on the beach at Srithanu. Walk past the 7-11 at Srithanu and make a right towards Seaview Bungalows. Walk over the bridge onto the beach and turn left. There you will find a small bar with a few seats outside.

The bar is made of local materials and has an old skool charm that used to be all over Koh Phangan before the island starting going 'upmarket'. They are open from 'afternoon' until 'late'. The imprecision of the opening and closing times tells you a lot about the place.

Ood serves great cocktails. Twice a week they have a free BBQ for guests. This again is not scripted.

Srithanu is on the west coast of Koh Phangan and so it gets great sunsets. It is not a beach popular with tourists. Indeed much of the south west of Koh Phangan is very quiet. It is favored by ex-pats and long stay customers. If you want to see something of 'the other side of Koh Phangan' the 3 Monkeys Bar is a good place to start.

The You tube clip from above is of a freak tornado. I can assure you that these things don't normally happen in Koh Phangan or this part of the Gulf of Thailand. You can tell from the reactions of the Thais that it is an unusual/amazing meteorological event.

Below is another You tube clip. It's a cool reggae song all about the joys of Koh Phangan's one and only 3 Monkeys Bar.