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Advice for the FMP

Steer clear of possible problems at the party

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The Full Moon Party is great fun. It is also a safe event. Over the years work has been done with the police and emergency services to improve the safety of the party. Having said this it is always possible for those who get too drunk and too carried away with the moment to make some elemental blunders. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure your FMP experience leaves you no more damage than a hangover.


Don't bring all your valuables to the party. You will only need 2,000 Thai Baht or maybe 3,000 Thai Baht for the whole evening. Leave your valuables such as passport, credit card and travelers’ checks in a safety box in your resort.

If you are staying in Haad Rin, don’t leave your valuables in your room (unless it has a safe). Break-ins have been known to occur while everyone is off at the party.

If you bring a bag to the party don’t put it down. You will lose it. Thieves do operate the party. Similarly if you bring a camera then keep it in your pocket or in a belt holder.

Don’t go to the toilet in the sea. It is not environmentally friendly. All those girls you see dipping in and out of the water are having a piss. It is not lady-like.

Since you know that the ocean is full of urine don’t go swimming especially if you are drunk. There have been cases of people being swept away with the current. One girl woke up on an inflatable lost in the middle of the ocean. She eventually washed up in Koh Samui.

Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Similarly don’t leave your drink unattended. In this day and age of date rape drugs it is never advisable.

Don’t be tempted to buy drugs at the party. The Thai police are very present and vigilant at the party; they also use informers who will sell you something and then inform on you. In Thailand it is possible to get in trouble just for failing a urine test. In other words just because you don’t have anything in your pockets doesn’t always mean you are safe from prosecution.

Don’t throw cigarette butts in the sand. They don’t ‘disappear’ just because they are buried under an inch of sand. They pollute a beautiful beach.


Do wear flip flops or something on your feet. The beach gets full of broken glass.

Do drink water between your buckets. Buckets are Thai whiskey, coke and red bull. It is a sweet drink that masks its potency. There are always a few lying in their own vomit, victims of the bucket.

Do pass out in the safe area on the beach. This way you won’t get your pockets picked while you are out for the count.

Do respect Thai culture and the Thai King. Never get into a fight with a local. They have buddies and all of them know Muay Thai.

Do apply sun block in the morning. As soon as the day breaks you are going to start burning without protection.

If you follow these simple pieces of advice you are sure to have a good time and you are sure to steer clear of potential problems at the party.