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Getting up-to-the-minute informartion on parties in Koh Phangan

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +1 and Myspace are just some of the many social media or networking sites that are commonly used. They are an ideal way to put out information, updates, post photos and videos, make comments and 'like' various things. Social Media require little knowledge of computers and the internet to use, and best of all its free.

The downside of social media is that they tend to be lacking in-depth information and they often provide the reader with a stream of 'froth' - irrelevant and frankly useless information. Tweets about people having a bath or hangover add nothing to my enjoyment of the internet. Below is a list of some of the better social media available about the Full Moon Party, Half Moon Party, Black Moon Culture, Backyard Party, Jungle Experience and the other numerous parties happening on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

  • Koh Phangan Party List - This page has a comprehensive list of the parties going on in Koh Phangan along with notes about music and what DJs are playing.
  • Phangan Muse Twitter Feed - Tweets about the party as well as links to loads of reviews of Koh Phangan bars, restaurants, resorts etc.

There are other pages etc. but many are just put up on a whim and never expanded, improved etc. If you find any other good social networking sites about the parties in Koh Phangan you can send us an email at info@blog.fullmoonpartythailand.info