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Green Cross Party

Keeping Haad Rin Beach Clean

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Green Cross Party

The Green Cross Party in Haad Rin occurs 3 days before the Full Moon Party. It is an event that has been organized by local business people and the Phangan Explorer Magazine to promote efforts in Haad Rin and Koh Phangan to develop environmentally friendly practices.

With the regular huge influx of tourists to Koh Phangan not just for the Full Moon Party but also for the other parties on Koh Phangan there has been a lot of pressure put on the environment. The island’s infrastructure still has to develop with the growing number of visitors. In particular sewerage needs improving. Another key issue is recycling. All the beer, whiskey and soft drinks come in plastic bottles and glass bottles. Methods for collecting these bottles need to be improved to ensure that the beaches and jungle of Koh Phangan remain beautiful and in pristine condition. Local businesses know the importance of the beauty of nature in ensuring the continuing financial success of the island.

One important initiative undertaken by Green Cross has been to set up recycle bins for party goers to safely deposit their empty bottles.

To help raise money the Green Cross Party holds a raffle with prizes and there is also a beach volleyball competition.

The DJs and many of the party organizers give their time for free to help make the party a success and to help with generating money from the event.

Green Cross Beach Clean is a group of Thai and ex-pat volunteers who regularly organize beach cleaning events. They started on Koh Phangan and have also done lots of cleaning in Koh Samui. They recently went over to Phuket to start cleaning the beaches there too.

To find out when the next beach cleaning day is check out their Facebook Page.

As is so often the case with Facebook Pages it gives very little information about the group’s activities, goals or achievements. It also says nothing about the Green Cross Party. The best thing to do if you are interested in going to the next Green Cross Party is to head down to Haad Rin beach 3 days before the FMP and see what is going on.