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Hans de Booij in Koh Phangan

Live Music Venue

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Hans de Booij started his career in Antwerp as a cabaret theater technician. He worked for such famous Dutch artists as Boudewijn de Groot. He next formed a comedy group and also started singing. His singing career took off and he had a number of Dutch hits. his biggest hit was Annabel, a cover version of a de Groot song.

Hans de Booij's songs became increasingly dark in tone and he fell out of the lime light. He started performing in theaters, on the street, anywhere. He moved from city to city and occasionally got in trouble with the law.

de Booij's career took another strange turn when he wrote a book about his personal philosophy called Ministry of Love. At one point he carried a rucksack full of his books around the Netherlands selling them door-to-door.

In 1999 he met the Dalai Lamai and became attracted to the Buddhist philosophy of non-violence. He said: "I am rich by a long time to have no money".

Things started turning around for Hans de Booij in 2007 when he returned to Antwerp. In his absence he had gained a cult status, and people were keen to hear him perform his songs. He also released a new album, Emocratie,

In 2008 Hans de Booij moved to Thailand. Originally he went to Koh Samui, but eventually found his way to Koh Phangan. He lives on the west coast of Koh Phangan. The above video was filmed somewhere on the West coast. It looks like either Wok Tum, Hin Kong or Sri Thanu. All these beaches have big tidal differences and are usually deserted. Sadly, the dog in the video died from a snake bite.

You can see Hans de Booij play sometimes at the Jam Bar near Hin Kong. He is a true Dutch musical legend. He also represents a growing band of creative and artistic people who are making Koh Phangan their home.