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Jungle Experience

Having a techno time in the jungle! (updated)

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Jungle Experience is just behind the Half Moon Party and Black Moon Party. It has been going for several years now. The Jungle Experience takes place 1 day before the Full Moon Party and also 5 days after the Full Moon Party. This is a new scheduling system, no doubt to catch the Full Moon Party crowds and also fit in with the ever more congested party schedule on the island.

The Jungle Experience is naturally a party in the jungle, just 1 km from the village of Ban Tai. It is easy to find: just take the road going north just before the 7-11 on the main Thongsala - Haad Rin Road. Follow the road past Wat Pho and on the right is Jungle Experience.

The party is good value. It costs only 300 Thai baht with 1 free drink. If you arrive before 11pm entry is free. The site of the party is well done. There's a small river nearby and it is used to make water features. There's also a psychedelic 'magic flower garden', organic lighting and of course plenty of fluorescent decoration. These effects allow the organizers to claim it is an 'eco party'. Picking up your litter would be more to the point in terms of environmental protection. Nevertheless, the added decoration adds to the overall psychedelic affect.

The bar and restaurant at Jungle Expereince stay open all night so you can always get refreshments or that next bucket.

The music at Jungle Experience is very much about the 'Koh Phangan' sound - it is hard progressive and tribal beats mixed in with psy-trance. As with the other parties the DJs are the Thai and foreigner residents who have gained a reputation for getting the crowd on their toes.

As the night goes on the beats get harder and faster. The fire shows come out and the VDJs add that 'spacey' dimension to proceedings. It is very easy to not notice time passing at the Jungle Experience: before you know it is 8am and time to go.

Only you needn't go home because after every Jungle Experience there is a party at Ban Sabai on Ban Tai beach that starts at 9am and goes on through the day.