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Loi Lay Floating Bar

Free parties on a floating bar

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Loi Lay Floating Bar

One of the latest bars to appear in Koh Phangan is Loi Lay Floating Bar and Lounge. It is located in Bantai at the end of a pier. They have a regular party on Sunday nights. Does it offer anything new?

The unique point about the bar is that it is on giant wooden floats. The bar is fairly big. Big enough for a small party with spaces for hammocks and the universal low table with cushion seating. The bar sways slightly with the movement of the sea. It is attached to the pier and also has lines to the shore. It is in very shallow water and so nobody is likely to drown. Moreover, the tidal difference at Ban Tai is small and so it is an ideal spot for a floating bar.

The bar sells cold beer, wine and cocktails. They don’t do food; although they have just opened and I’m sure they are soon going to discover that offering burgers, pizzas and sandwiches are all part of running a successful bar in Koh Phangan.

The opening times are Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 2am. The happy hour is from 6pm to 7pm.

The focus of the bar is to get in those who want to see the sunset early evening, and then to get a party going after. The sunset is great from Bantai beach – not enhanced by floating. However, the beach is south facing and so the better sunsets are on the west coast in bars such as 3 Monkeys Bar in Srithanu.

The parties are all about House Music. It is described as ‘deep’ and ‘sexy’. For those tired of trance music this will come as welcome news. The music is provided by the usual gang of ex-pats and Thais who cycle though all the sound systems on the island. Marco Loco was 1 of the DJs for the opening party. This man is slightly famous as a regular at Ibiza. He seems to be doing a bit around Koh Phangan. Whether he will stick around when bigger fees beckon in Europe is open to question.

Loi Lay Floating Bar is all part of the growing party scene in Bantai and Bankai that has the Half Moon Party, the Black Moon Party, Jungle Experience, Shiva Moon and Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party. Not to mention the after parties at Ban Sabai. I’m sure the place will do well as long as they don’t get sunk by an expected storm.

Contact details:

Phone number: 00 66 8 4454 7240
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loi-Lay-Floating-Bar-Lounge/330483910307988

Loi Lay Floating Bar