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Outlaws Salon

Draft guinness, cowboys and live music

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Outlaws Salon

The latest live music venue to open is Outlaws Salon in Ban Tai. They describe their address as the ‘Ban Tai entertainment strip’. That is the main road between Ban Tai and Thongsala that has several bars and restaurants including the notorious ‘bar beer’ places.

Outlaws Salon is open from 5pm to 2am. This is the official closing time in Thailand, and is a law only enforced patchily. It is billed as a live music venue, but is really just another bar.

They serve a range of beers and whiskeys. They have draft Guinness and imported ciders. Outlaws Salon has the obligatory pool table, and shows sports events. They also offer the standard pizza, burgers and fries menu. Free wifi is also available.

The unusual thing about Outlaws Salon is that they have gone for a ‘Wild West’ theme. This is somewhat appropriate as a few years back Koh Phangan was often referred to as a ‘Wild West’ place in the sense that it was lawless at times. However, the cowboy thing, ever since the Village People, has certain gay overtones to me. This is not a gay bar.

So if you want to drink Guinness, perhaps catch Moscowfish, watch some Premier League Football or soak up some kitsch cowboy culture head over to Outlaws Salon.