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Paradise Waterfall Party

Going wild after the FMP

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During the high seasons (January to April and July to August) Paradise Waterfall Bungalows throws a party. It is a party held by the pool of a waterfall just 1 km from the village of Chaloklum. It is in the north of Koh Phangan and easily reached by a road heading north from the main town of Thongsala.

The Waterfall Party is a fairly new event and can be a bit of a hit or miss affair depending on the mood of the party goers and how well the DJs can get them dancing. The music is of course the Koh Phangan take on psy-trance, although Paradise Waterfall Bungalows also organize a house night with the DJ Simon Silo.

The set up by the waterfall is impressive. There is a dance floor and a bar by the side of a mountain. The beauty of the natural surroundings definitely makes this party worth going to. It is not a large gushing waterfall but the nevertheless the negative ions generated help to improve the atmosphere of the party.

From the video clip above you can see there is a great cliff side bar and lounging area to chill out in, and the dance clearing has a few fluorescent decorations and Indian hangings to make the event a bit more psychedelic.

The entrance to the party area is next to the Italian restaurant called L’Oasi. Events at Paradise Waterfalls normally cost 250 THB and includes a free drink. In the past there have been 3 day psy-trance music festivals here.

There aren’t any regular dates for this party. They also don’t have a website. However, if you are in Koh Phangan it is easy to ask around and find out when the next Waterfall Party in Chaloklum is happening.