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Shiva Moon Family

Trance Party in the Jungle

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Shiva Moon Family is a Goan style psy-trance party just outside Ban Tai Village. If you coming from Haad Rin then go past the Ban Tai 7-11 and the turn off for Thong Nai Pan. Carry on down the main road to Thongsala. Just before 'My Palace' there is a turning right into the jungle. Follow the path lighted with candles and you will find Shiva Moon Party.

The Shiva Moon Family is a party that doesn't have a fixed schedule or one that is linked to the Full Moon Party like Jungle Experience or the Half Moon Party. During the High Season (August, mid December to mid January) there are 2 parties a month, during less busy times just 1 party a month.

The party is similar to Jungle Experience both in terms of style and music. The party area has plenty of psychedelic and fluorescent decoration. The music at Shiva Moon Family moves from tech-house to progressive trance, but still stays very much in the 'Phangan Sound' genre. DJs at Shiva Moon Family include DJ Sanuk and Psyberpunk.

The last party was on March 11th (the anniversary of the Japanese tsunami - a coincidence I'm sure). It went on from 6pm until 8am the following day. Music was provided by Venus Vibes ( Purple Hexagon rec./ Shivamoon/De),Tom o`rion (Eye goddex/De), Apnea ( Experience Family/ Blue Moon/ Belgium), and special guest DJ Basilisk (Ektoplazm/Canada).

To find out when the Shiva Moon Party is held it is necessary to keep your eye on social media for Koh Phangan parties.