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Think About It

Song from Moscowfish

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Think About It is a song by Moscowfish. It was written and produced on Koh Phangan. The song uses a catchy melody and acoustic guitar with electronic elements thrown in which make you think about various social issues. The song is a clever melding of acoustic and electronica sounds. The effect here is to produce something between Folk Music with a social conscience and early morning ambient music. No doubt this tune could be remixed to give it more of a dancy vibe.

Think About It establishes Moscowfish as being in the vanguard of new music coming out of Koh Phangan. It is a band that has its feet in both camps - dance music and live music (sorry DJs playing CDs, WAV files etc. isn't 'live' music).

The images in the video are nearly all from Thailand. The video brings out the vast array of visual messages that Thailand offers. It is a place where people go on holiday, it is also a place of poverty, hardship and human rights abuses. Plenty to think about.