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How the party is portrayed on YouTube

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If you do a search for ‘Full Moon Party’ on YouTube the first page is dominated by two types of video – the promotional video and the warning video. An event as big as the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin deserves better coverage in terms of video reportage.

Promotional videos are sleekly put together and feature a montage of young people having fun during the night. They dance, they point their fingers at the sky, they binge drink; they have lots of fun. You don’t get to hear the sounds of the party but rather some dance tune added during editing. These videos give you a glimpse of what it is like at the FMP but are anonymous. They are not filmed from anyone’s point of view. They don’t provide interview footage. They are just a means to boost websites selling hotel rooms for the big party.

The other type of video you get about the Full Moon Party is the exposé documentary. A young presenter goes to a party and is shocked to discover young people abusing alcohol, taking drugs and exposing themselves in public. Shock horror! These things go on at the party? I thought everyone had 2 beers and went to bed just after midnight. A section of mainstream media sensationalises stories to provoke shock and outrage. One Australian news report tells us an Australian dies in Thailand every 4 days. It also goes on to repeat that the FMP has no police coverage. The latter fact is a complete lie. Ask anyone who got busted at the party. Rest assured the Koh Phangan police force knows exactly what goes on at the party.

These sensationalist video clips don’t put young people off the party, and only confirm the opinions of those who don’t like the idea of a giant free-for-all on a beach in Thailand.

What we need instead is more YouTube videos charting normal people’s experiences on the beach. We need interviews of people who work during the party. We should hear a local’s opinion about what goes on. How about a local policeman’s opinion?

I have chosen a video showing a montage of funny dancing, weird moments and outrageous comments. It is a smattering of clips that reveal the funny, odd and cynical side of the party. It is not a promo video or an exposé. Enjoy.