Full Moon Party and Beyond
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How the party is portrayed on YouTube

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If you do a search for ‘Full Moon Party’ on YouTube the first page is dominated by two types of video – the promotional video and the warning video. An event as big as the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin deserves better coverage in terms of video reportage.

Changes to the Full Moon Party

A look at how the party has developed

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The Full Moon Party has changed a lot since its humble beginning back in 1988 or 1989. The first party is shrouded in mystery. We have only claims and counter claims as to whose idea it was.

One thing we do know is that the party started out as a few hippies having a dance and sing along around a fire on the beach. Back then house music was just in its infancy and not the global phenomenon it is now, even less so trance.

Advice for the FMP

Steer clear of possible problems at the party

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The Full Moon Party is great fun. It is also a safe event. Over the years work has been done with the police and emergency services to improve the safety of the party. Having said this it is always possible for those who get too drunk and too carried away with the moment to make some elemental blunders. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure your FMP experience leaves you no more damage than a hangover.

Best Bars in Haad Rin

Guide to the best drinking spots in Haad Rin

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Haad Rin is a party town. It is the party town in Thailand since it has the biggest party in Thailand. However, Haad Rin is nothing like other nightlife areas in Thailand such as Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong in Phuket which combine buying sex with partying. There is only one red light area in Koh Phangan (on the road between Ban Tai and Haad Rin) and the fun to be had in Haad Rin is very much removed from the prostitution scene.

There are lots of great bars in Haad Rin. It is not only along the main party beach of Haad Rin Nok that you will find bars but also in the town, by the port and on the smaller Haad Rin Nai Beach. Most bars sell both Thai favorites and Western food such as pizza and English pub grub. Many bars also have drinks promotions and happy hours to get the punters in. Naturally as the Full Moon Party approaches various bars have warm-up parties to get people in the mood for the big event. Here is a list of some of the best bars in Haad Rin.

FMP Social Media

Getting up-to-the-minute informartion on parties in Koh Phangan

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Facebook, tweet, Google +1 and myspace are just some of the many social media or networking sites that are commonly used. They are an ideal way to put out information, updates, post photos and videos, make comments and 'like' various things. Social Media require little knowledge of computers and the internet to use and best of all its free.

The downside of social media is that they tend to be lacking in-depth information and they often provide the reader with a stream of 'froth' - irrelevant and frankly useless information. Twitters about people having a bath or hangover add nothing to my enjoyment of the internet. Below is a list of some of the better social media available about the Full Moon Party, Half Moon Party, Black Moon Culture, Backyard Party, Jungle Experience and the other numerous parties happening on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

Jungle Experience

Having a techno time in the jungle!

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The Jungle Experience Party is held near the village of Ban Tai on the Thong Nai Pan Road. It happens 2 days before the Half Moon Party and 2 days before the Black Moon Party. The party is free to enter before 11pm. after which time it is 300 THB with 1 free drink. Techno, psy-trance and Phangan sound await.